Privacy Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Privacy a new concern for Texas Life?
    No. Texas Life Insurance Company ("Texas Life") has a strong record of treating information we receive and maintain about our customers as confidential. We believe that this is a fundamental part of doing business and it has been part of our internal policies for many years.

  2. What do you mean by "customer?"
    Generally, "customer" refers to an individual who has obtained one of Texas Life's products for personal, family or household purposes and who has an ongoing relationship with us. For example, an individual who owns a life insurance policy is a customer.

  3. What types of information does Texas Life collect about its customers?
    Texas Life may collect information about an individual's finances, employment, health, avocations or other personal characteristics as well as information about an individual's transactions with us or with others, including our affiliates ("customer information"). Generally, the type of information we collect will depend upon the type of product purchased.

  4. Under what circumstances does Texas Life disclose "customer information" to third parties?
    Texas Life discloses customer information to third parties (affiliates and non-affiliates) when we believe that it is necessary in order for us to conduct our business, or where the disclosure is required by law. For example, Texas Life discloses customer information to:

    • third parties who provide business services for us relating to the products and services we offer,
    • third parties who help us to evaluate requests for insurance or benefits,
    • third parties that require us to submit information to them, such as regulatory agencies.
  5. Can you tell me more about Texas Life's policy on sharing "customer information" for marketing purposes?
    Texas Life does not disclose consumer report or health information to third parties for marketing purposes. Texas Life may disclose other customer information to third parties for marketing purposes. Texas Life does not make disclosures of customer information to other companies who intend to sell their products to our customers. For example, we will not sell customers' names and addresses to a catalog company.

  6. What safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized access to Texas Life's computer systems?
    Electronic records are protected by multiple computer software products that use security features such as passwords, user identification numbers, and personal identification numbers to guard against unauthorized access.

    Texas Life's internal systems contain electronic firewalls and other security measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to our electronic records. We also employ surveillance software to determine if any abnormal activity occurs. Electronic points of entry, as well as databases, servers, e-mail and workstations are protected by virus detection/removal software.

  7. What is Texas Life's Online privacy policy?
    Click here if you wish to see Texas Life's Online privacy policy.

  8. What if I still have questions about Texas Life's privacy policy?
    If you have other questions about Texas Life's privacy policy you can click here or you can write to us at P.O. Box 830, Waco, Texas 76703.